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The Eucharist 

Love for the priesthood is love for the Eucharist. St Michael's Apostolate is developing an exciting new website for first Holy Communicants. Our intention is to bring to young children stories/films of the lives of boys and girls who dearly loved Jesus in the Eucharist to a heroic degree.


Saint Tarcisius, to whom the website is dedicated was a young boy acolyte during the third century persecution of the Catholic Church. He is the first known young boy martyr of the Eucharist.

The little Chinese girl martyr of the Eucharist lived during the communist rule in the 1940's. It was her story that influenced Archbishop Fulton Sheen to do his daily holy hour.

Saint Dominic Savio, well know as one of Saint Dom Bosco's boys, had a love of the Eucharist that influenced his dealings with other young boys in difficult life situations.

Irelands beloved Little Nellie Organ, lovingly known as Little Nellie of Holy God, who died at the age of 4 years and five months, had a deep spiritual understanding of "Holy God" in the Eucharist. It is widely believed that her story influenced Pope Pius X to lower the age for the reception by children of holy communion.


In this Year of Faith it is our deep desire to provide the following program to children worldwide. To achieve this we would ask you to join with us in making this venture a reality.

Your prayers and support are much appreciated.

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“Pray for me that I be given

words to speak my mind

boldly,in making known the

Gospel Revelation for which I

am an ambassador in chains”

Eph 6:19-20