About Us

St. Michael’s prayer apostolate for priests was launched on August 22nd 1996 (feast of the Queenship of Mary), in the Parish of the Holy Name, Beechwood Ave., Ranelagh in Dublin. This initiative was born out of love for our priests and of a great desire to support them in these difficult times when our priesthood and church are so much under attack.

The aim of the apostolate is to have all our cardinals, bishops and priests adopted in prayer. To this end, through the Catholic press and large prayer gatherings, people are invited to commit themselves to pray for a named priest each day for the rest of his life – or until such time they are no longer able to keep up the commitment.

Two people are invited to spiritually adopt each priest. Additional people are assigned to bishops and cardinals. If you would like to enlist you can reach us via our contact page.



“Pray for me that I be given

words to speak my mind

boldly,in making known the

Gospel Revelation for which I

am an ambassador in chains”


Eph 6:19-20.